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Image Credit ( jacinteriors )

Image Credit (jacinteriors)


You may remember seeing an explosion of Terrazzo in the 70’s - from countertops to flooring, but did you know that Terrazzo can be traced back all the way to the ancient mosaics of Egypt and Italy? In Italy, construction workers put pieces of marble into clay and ground the material down until it was smooth, and voila - Terrazzo was born and perfected.

While Terrazzo has been making a comeback in interior flooring and counter spaces since 2017, It’s making a HUGE splash in 2019 in a multitude of other formats. We are seeing Terrazzo in wallpapers, tabletop decor, candle holders, decorative trays and accents, soft goods, and so much more - and it’s just getting started. Terrazzo is set to expand more and more through 2020, and we can’t wait to see how creative it becomes.

Image Credit Assemble and Simon Terrill via  highsnobiety

Image Credit Assemble and Simon Terrill via highsnobiety


While the Terrazzo we are all used to was centered on smaller pieces and a more uniformed pattern, the possibilities are endless - Terrazzo can encompass any type of color palette, and any size patterning. Gone is the small patterning - we’re welcoming larger prints and patterns that embody the idea of Terrazzo with a bang!

Terrazzo can transform a space - and any style. Go for cooler terrazzo tones and mix with bright greens to add a textural balance to a modern style, or warm tones for a more rustic and naturalistic vibe. Bright colors in Terrazzo can add a great on trend look to a boho style display.



Adding elements with Terrazzo is a great way to create an artisanal on trend look, without being too overpowering. Instead of making an entire space filled with Terrazzo, try pairing a couple of Terrazzo pieces like our 4x6 and 5x7 Terrazzo Photo Frames with our Terrazzo Clock to get just the right amount of a fun and trending statement.