Trending Color: Sophisticated Blues

Image Credit ( Sherwin WIlliams )

Image Credit (Sherwin WIlliams)

There is an overall trend happening right now of being more mindful, and creating more soulful and mindful living within one’s environment.

Part of this trend is encompassing the serene tones of blue - from an ethereal sky blue to a deep rich navy, shades of blue reflect a relaxing and calming space.

Blues aren’t going anywhere - they are forecasted to be a top interior trend of 2020.



Pantone chose a soft, cloud-like shade of blue for their 2016 color of the year and the trend of using blue in the home, or in decor, has been trending ever since.

Use varying shades of blue on walls and in decor to evoke a calming and ever-relaxing feel to your space. Pair with light sage and white for a striking display.

Or go bold and pair blues with burgundy, rust and charcoal to add a softness to bright colors.



It’s simple to add a taste of sophisticated blue to your store, display or home - begin by adding a few pieces of soft blue in vases with fresh florals - it’s an easy way to ease into using color.

Or take it up a notch and start a little bolder by mixing blue toned pillows and decorative throws in the mix. Think about color theory and if you want a more tonal look, or if you’d like to use blue as an accent color or the focal point of your display.