Behind The Scenes


With a small marketing team, there tends to be the wearing of multiple hats - Creative Director, Photographer, Graphic Designer, Digital Marketer and more.


Our year started off with many upgrades within our two-women marketing team. One of which was investing and upgrading our in-house photography studio. Having an in-house studio gave us the opportunity to photograph our products (as well as create valuable content) with complete freedom directly within our own space.

Just like our Product Development team, our Marketing team takes inspiration from anywhere we can get it. We love taking inspiration from the notes used by our Product Development team during their product design process - these notes can include anything from color predictions, future + current trends, textures, and the overall ethos of each collection. After sifting through the notes, our team will develop mood boards and inspiration for each collection to help it shine.


Now that the research is done - the fun begins! On shoot days we really want to let our creativity flow - there are NO bad ideas.

When we’re not shooting in-house, we love to shoot off-site. One of our favorite destinations is Watt Second Studios located in the heart of St. Paul, MN. By carefully selecting which items and where we are shooting, our Marketing team is able to create the essence of what our Product Development team has in mind when they are designing each of the products.

Once the shoot is complete, final images are selected and edited to fit Foreside’s brand and lifestyle standards.