Behind The Scenes - Atlanta Summer Show 2019

Our 2019 Midyear Launch had our showroom looking the best it’s ever been.

Showroom setup is more than just placing product on a shelf. This show season, our showroom team worked incredibly hard at looking for new and different ways of merchandising our products to best enhance five of the basic elements of design; color, balance, space, emphasis, and harmony.


By carefully selecting wall colors and wallpapers to emphasize key products, we were really able to open up our showroom space without overpowering the most important parts - our products. Key pieces were blended with contrasting accents to help create balance and harmony while also creating distinct collections throughout the showroom.


A huge update for our showroom was the elevation of our “Elements” collection. Our goal was to have anyone who came into our showroom and walked the collection to feel like they were in a garden space. With the addition of Boxwood walls and bamboo plant stands to showcase our fountains, we turned a basic walkthrough into a garden escape.


In addition to the updates, everyone at Foreside is delighted about the addition of our beautiful pendant lighting and the expansion of our top selling handwoven textiles - so it was quite important for us to make them a focal point in the showroom.

We landed on creating a “textile wall” not only because it was a great way to emphasize our top selling textiles, but it also allowed them to be easily shopped. Creating a visually balanced color gradient, this wall not only created a great statement, but tied the entire showroom together in one beautiful, handwoven package.


We then speckled lighting throughout the showroom. The entire space felt immense with brilliant, handblown glass pendants illuminating the numerous vignettes throughout our collections.


We are extremely happy with how our showroom turned out this time around and we can’t wait to come up with more great ways to show off our products for January!